The work of Alberto M. Centenera is inserted into this scenario as a new point of view that offers alternative strategies to address the political landscape. For Alberto, simplicity and deliberate naivete are needed to throw a socially complicated message; He is interested on politics, but also on how to deal with it.

Artist based on dualities, Centenera bases his work on drawing and the act of revealing ideas involved in this process. He also uses techniques such as embroidery, collage or photography, because in them he finds the perfect means to develop his poetic and delicate interests and, in turn, are the ideal place to capture the harshness and violence of what depicted.
Centenera’s artistic language is as sharp as aesthetically harmonious and this is precisely what he looks for: to provide visual tools to face a highly complex society, with economic and social problems, from a sharp, ironic and innocent perspective.




Available art work here.