Devi solo saper sognare | CRIN | From june 18th to july 26th, 2014

All utopias share a common characteristic: they represent collectives that live outside the real world. They describe impossible spaces, with no exterior signs and with a seamless order.

Crin shows on his pieces a very personal utopia: pieces where freedom is the main character. With no necessity of a real reference, just plain and well known colors, with imaginary but not completely abstract figures.

A universe that bends and spins on itself once and again until getting a real volume. Illusive and imaginary representations without a clear message that you feel that you need to decode them.

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Crin was born in Italy (Pescara, 1979) and lives in Berlín since more than 10 years.

He studies at Misticoni school of arts, and during his studies he was focused on digital arts and video art.

After those technological years, he came back to paint and crafts, but not forgetting his experience with video and digital arts, and that’s where his awesome work starts.

That mix of disciplines is the origin of his actual art, so personal, that makes the difference in any of the formats he developes it: on the streets or at the galleries.

Crin has a long and international experience (Italy, California, Berlin, Buenos Aires) next to the most prestigious artists from the scene.