Multimedia Installation (Painting, video, photo, sculpture, and an oak-eucalyptus hybrid)

Facing technocapitalist transhumanism, the eugenic dream by Silicon Valley, which presents the “improved” man in his productive, sensory and physical-mental capacities as a neoliberal dystopia only within the reach of a few, this work proposes the monster, the hybrid, the other, the queer, mestizo, lame and alliances and human-nohuman assemblies as a future, a future that does not want to be perfect, an imperfect future that follows the model of the queerized medieval bestiary, vindicating the Middle Ages as an otherness of modernity and advocating for the end of humanism that has placed white, cishetero, European, individuals in the center of the Universe, condemning to death all dissenters of sex and gender, non-human, animals and freaks.

This speculative posthumanism is proposed as a place and the proper moment for the end of natural-artificial, man-animal, rational-irrational binarisms, without renouncing to biomedical intervention technologies in the bodies, self-tuning and hacking of our body-mind to defamiliarize us from gender, returning ourselves to sex and sexuality, where we should not have left from, to end with patriarchy and essentialist man-woman binarisms, placing ourselves outside of identity politics, and looking at new technologies as tools for the creation of these new assemblies.

We are object-subjects, we are viruses, we are infectious, we are alliances of a multitude of forces, of human and non-human entities, assemblies of viruses, cells and bacteria, we are the result of symbiosis, parasitic strategies and energetic mutualisms.

Andrés Senra 2020