Edgar Flores SANER y Javier Iglesias GNOSICK  |  ATLÁNTICO


“Atlántico” represents the reunion of two brothers separated and linked by an ocean. Saner and Javier Iglesias are not blood brothers but their souls share a magical and ancient history dating back to previous lives.

The name of the exhibition refers not exclusively to the ocean between Spain and Mexico, but also to Atlas, the Titan of Greek mythology condemned by Zeus to carry on his shoulders the pillars that maintain separate Earth from heavens. This myth is used by artists in their work as a metaphor about the balance between the divine and the mundane, good and evil, light and darkness.


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“Everything started when One became Two.


Imagine the Universe on a continuous expansion, imagine our cells on a continuous reproduction, imagine a ship which leaves to find the end of our world.

In the origin of everything we know, there was always a being, a place, a state in which everything is just One, and then, everything changes, transforms itself, and evolves. Without that moment of change, there would be no History to tell, we would not be here.

In the same way that there was always One, there were always Two, and, despite our steps lead us to the distance, we will always be Two, and we will never be something different than One. Black and white, heads and tails.

Before coming to this world, both of them already knew each other, and separating them was not an option. Once they were born, they forgot; once they were breastfed, they grew; and once they became men, they separated. One went North, the other walked South. One went West, the other walked East. One awaked when the other started to sleep. One looked at the stars while the other watched his shadow. One run after the other without knowing who is who. Both of them wanted to know, not being aware that they already knew it.

From the Siberian Steppe to America, from the Far East to Europe, everywhere they went, they spread their word and collected their legacy. In the course of time, each one of them became many others, and the remembrance of what it was once, was shared with all of them. When the remembrance was split, it became oblivion. Oblivion brought confusion, and then envy, fights, wars and conquests came. All of them forgot that once they were One: North and South, East and West, up and down. They were the same, but they believed they were different.

Only from his heart, every man could find again his own brother. Only from his feelings, it was possible to remember. Only such different brothers as luck and fate could plot and orchestrate the encounter of two separate worlds, of the Moon and the Sun, of the Heaven and the Earth. In this way, what seemed to be a casual encounter, became real. Oblivion and remembrance merged in a strong embrace, and History gave way to a new brotherhood.

Many lives after, everything continued being One and Two at the same time, in the same way that the Ocean that separated them was at the same time what kept them together.”

 Javier Iglesias GNOSICK



SANER was born in 1982. His work mixes the ancient mexican tradition with contemporary aesthetics, grafiti and design. Iconic mexican idols and mystical characters are always present. Comes to Spain after showing his work in NY durin January 2015 (Jonathan Levine Gallery) and at Contemporary Art museum San Luis de Potosí (MX) in 2014. He will take part in ASALTO 2015, urban art festival in Zaragoza, with the collaboration of Swinton Gallery.

GNOSICK, Artist, graphic designer, publisher, curator, … are just some of the ways that Javier Iglesias has entered the art world. Born in Madrid in 1977, became interested for drawing, painting and photography at an early age. He got into computers and graphic design field when he entered the Art School. As final degree project he created, along with his twin brother, Pablo Iglesias, also artist and designer, the Belio Magazine. A periodical publication that bet on emerging art and the most groundbreaking graphic design, over the years, it would become a publishing house of art books. At the same time, both brothers have organized exhibitions, festivals and workshops, have made the graphic design of projects for different clients, among which we can highlight the image of the ARCO Contemporary Art Fair in 2005, and they have continued with the production of his own work as artists, both jointly and individually.