3rd solo show by Mario Mankey at Swinton Gallery (Madrid)

November 20th, 2020 – January 8th, 2021

After thousands of years of unbridled selfish sprint race, Homo Sapiens has shown a constant dysfunction in the relationship we create with our peers and the environment. A behavior now more grotesque than ever, which inevitably leads to self-destruction.

Creation of Gods, and the subsequent forced destruction, materialize one  the inability of Humanity to tame its existentialism in a balanced way with the environment. A forward flight that destroys the physical and emotional context in which it occurs. We destroy deities to repeat indoctrination with their successor. And neither the first nor the second one will be able to eliminate the emptiness that they came to alleviate.

Emptiness finally should be satisfied, or at least silenced, through an attitude that engulfs, commodifies, consumes and makes our actions profitable.

How can it surprise us that Capitalism is the last and most catastrophic denouement, as it is the perfect justification to satisfy without any review all possible whims, something so intrinsically human?

In front of this excess of uncontrolled praxis, Mario Mankey carries out a reflective and critical essay in the form of layers of paint and sculptural vestiges, which also represents for himself a necessary relief from his internal anxiety, raising a transcendent doubt:

Means Homo Deus our only future?