Why children icons cause fear? Why a costume of a cartoon character always falls into grotesque? There is a perverse obsession of capitalism by imposing certain stereotypes to childhood. Today parents collaborate and feed this system by buying mainstream icons to their children and even traveling with them to themed parks created with the purpose of extolling these characters.
José Salguero with “Terror en el parque de atracciones” made a satire of these issues with a series of oil paintings depicting scenarios of violence in an amusement park. Scenes that we see through a green glaze, as if observing with a military night vision goggles. But this images are fictional sequences inspired by reality. Chaos and destruction in a context that is usually designed for joy and leisure.

Jose Salguero, Madrid 1985, has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and Senior Technical Illustration at the School of Art No. 10 Madrid. He has exhibited his work at places like: La Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean (Milan, 2015), Matadero Madrid, Official College of Architects in Madrid (COAM), Complutense Art Centre (Museum of Costume, Madrid), Wurth Museum (La Rioja) , Mulafest (IFEMA), Hipnotik Festival (MACBA), Espace Pierre Cardin (Paris), Olympic Museum in Barcelona, ​​among others.

His awards include the first prize for the Madrid Young Artists, in the form of Fine Arts in 2014 and have been selected by the International Urban Arts Award Artaq (Paris) in 2011 and 2012.