Mind the Wall supported by JAMESON

A commissioned wall by Swinton Gallery next to famous La Latina, in Madrid.

At Swinton & Grant we are passionate lovers of street art. That’s why we are so proud of “Mind the Wall” project.



The aim of “Mind the Wall” is to offer in a regular basis to Swinton Gallerys’ artists, this wall located at calle San Millán 3, to create there a street art piece.

The piece will be created with absolute freedom of choice by every artist over an area of more than 30 m2, offering a great placement at city centre.

“Mind the Wall” is the best way to show Swinton Gallery’s commitment with street art, besides giving a better look to the square where the wall is located thanks to the best national and international artists who work with Swinton Gallery.

Don’t you miss it!