DosJotas |  Efímero Político


“Efímero Político” combines two of the recurring themes in the work of the Madrid born artist DosJotas. On one hand, the perishable work done in urban space is transformed to reach the interior of the gallery. With all the contradictions, dilemmas and ironies DosJotas converts the ephemeral work into pieces of art. On the other hand, politics, that explicit and committed position that surrounds his work, covering topics such as gentrification, economic crisis or police brutality.

DosJotas, Madrid 1982, has a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, Master in Contemporary Art by EMU.
His work comes always from the critical and cultural conscience and appears on urban spaces. Based on the appropriation and reinterpretation of existing elements in the urban landscape, seeing the city as a field of action and artistic intervention. His pillars: social criticism, from gentrification suffering all major cities, through the control of mass society to citizen passivity, all encompassed in the disappearance of public spaces. Their interventions can be found in Madrid, New York, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Miami and Barcelona, ​​among other cities.