RallitoX was born in Barcelona but nowadays he lives in Berlin. He has spread his revolution at different galleries and European cities, always working, painting and performing at the streets. He shows, on this occasion, his last work in which he has portrayed Spain from a purely confused perspective.

Could people be tamed if we act intentionally in an unpredictable way?

This is the basis on which the work of RallitoX is built. The artist raises the possibility of creating a new paradigm in which the doubt does not oscillate between left wing and right wing but between rational and confused people.

A revolution in which people defend what they do not believe, where they appropriate the symbols they hate, in which the cult to nonsense and error are part of their DNA, a change from capitalist society to an artistic society in which art is the main artery and then comes the rest …

All this is what RallitoX called the Revolution of Chaos. An open action to all who wish to participate.

You can see available work by RallitoX here.


MIND THE WALL project #3 | RALLITO X x Swinton Gallery | Sept / Oct 2014