Le mal du Pays | E1000 | 09.05.2014 – 14.06.2014

Le mal du pays is a french expression that means homesick for the place you belong and that you can’t live there: your city, your home, your friends. But at the same time is the melancholy caused , without a clear reason, when enjoying a landscape. As if the idea of fugitive time came over us in just a second.

That deep is in the way that E1000 conceive his pieces, as cpturing the fugitiva and unknown aspects of things around him just for a while. That’s why his work is the highest consequence of lost and reencounter.

E1000 translates that esence to Swinton Gallery conceiving that beauty consists in getting closer, sometimes, just sometimes, to invisibility; to the seamless idea that color vanishes and only materials remain, your memories.

E1000 pieces of art walk between all the surfaces of his previous works. Each material talks and asks a proper treatment: Glass, with pieces elaborated searching and ordered for the little detail by superposing transparencies; wood, cut in perfect angles, with his personal rainbow made of yellow, orange and purple; iron, with soft and ordered shapes.

Everything is clever in the work that E1000 shows at Swinton Gallery. Geometric essence, free, net. Vanishing colors behind a glass. Sharpness and clarity for the message to be fast and direct. Just like the remembrance of the recovered absence just for a second in your memory: Le map du pays.



After a figurative illustration period, and color interventions, E1000 now is envolved in a new way of work using glass and essential material as wood and metals.
Since he started his career in as a photographer, almost a decade ago, to his current gallery works, E100 always wanted to humanize the public space. He has a vibrant style, well balanced between improvisation and the constraint hunt of the perfect geometry. He knows how to bring life into the spaces, some forgotten, some decay, with a pure style where details are basic.
E1000′ work is in a constant evolution process and always looking for the language and the shape of the most essential urban elements. that’s how he demonstrates that the city and its spaces are just a white canvas waiting too reveal color, shapes and volumes.
If anybody knows every corner of the city, thats E1000.

You can enjoy his work here.