ACERO PULIDO | DOS JOTAS | 24.05.2019 – 13.07.2019




Curator: Irene Calvo

24.05.2019 – 13.07.2019

For his second solo exhibition at Swinton Gallery, DosJotas (Madrid, 1982) produces an installation that floods the volumetric space and analyzes the social and political behavior of contemporary individuals. With the conceptual help of curator Irene Calvo, the starting point is located in a historical fact that sends us back to Spanish early 19th century.

In 1814, the triumphal entry of Fernando VII in Spain after his exile in France, caused the exalted crowd to sink into a strange vassal trance and people freed the horses that pulled the king’s chariot to put themselves in the place of the animals. People decided to set up agitated and eager order turns to proceed with the advance of the carriage, until it reached its destination. The fervent welcome was also due to the fact that El Deseado, designated “by the grace of God”, had already taken its first step as an absolutist king: he repealed the modern Constitution of 1812, which a few years back had granted power to the people.