ANDRÉS SENRA | CIUDAD CORPORACIÓN 2068 | 9.04.2021 – 18.04.2021



Andrés Senra

Ciudad corporación 2068 is an installation of video art and video essay of speculative fiction based on the economic and political conditions in transition of the present in a context of deconstruction of the human that starts from a critical perspective to the idea of “man” and how it was constructed under the structural dynamics of production of otherness in Western thought.
Set in 2068, it is divided into 5 parts: “Government”, “Ritual”, “Work”, “Affections” and “Body: An Unnatural alliance of desire” that we had the opportunity to see in this gallery in 2020. The whole of the work proposes a visual story around the process of transition from late capitalism to corporatocracy, the government of corporations, and the effects that this supposed transition has on the life and embodiment of subaltern and queer subjects.
The work as a whole critically addresses the relations of power, domination and exploitation by white, European and cisgender straight men towards others and nature as a consequence, in part, of the inheritance of rationalism and colonialism of The Enlightenment period. The work is a melting pot of thoughts and images of issues such as the environmental and pandemic crisis, naturo-cultural relations as a strategy towards a new understanding of the world, the body and the being, identity beyond binary gender as an entanglement of a material-discursive and fluid performativity, neovitalism in contemporary ritual artistic practices through magic or human-machine-animal and trans-species alliances as a subversive strategy against anthropocentrism.
Ciudad Corporación 2068 thus creates a proposal for a utopian universe in the present, an alternative universe that does not wait for a future “to come”. Future is right here, right now.