Meta-Generational tales.

Judas Arrieta describes his paintings and drawings as ”abstract comics”, and that may let us think that there is always a narrative line inside them. This show, and the rest of Judas Arrieta’s work, come from the acceptance of the popular culture myth. His topics usually develop a set of icons that refer to different contexts and generate meta-stories in which we can find various influences: manga, anime and Eastern cinema, being related to art, literature and Western cinema.

Judas is a sponge that absorbs what he sees through the screens (television, computer) to create wicked connections. He uses to include hidden, veiled references, trivia or winks dedicated to experts. But, really, only his head understands the complexity of these hieroglyphics. They contain overlapping and flipped elements, that organically grow on the surface, and link to other realities and with other works by himself. These characters collisions transform the paintings into parodic stories.

Throughout this show we find balance between the vision of “The Heroic” and its demystification found at the intersection of all previous references.
Judas has condensed inside his creations a dense, emblematic universe of characters reflecting the spirit of several generations raised with television, comics and Internet. Although generational works expire with their main characters and followers once their time has passed, Judas Arrietas’ work will remain as a historical iconographic testimony.



Carlos Trigueros
Cultural Researcher