Laguna y Amigo/as | EYo/aS


29 double collaborations which come from personal and professional admiration.

“The exhibition focuses and develops in my current need to share. In this case, for two months with 29 people, some of them are near and some in the distance, but all of them important for my work and who I really do care about . The results satisfy me, they all are mixtures of friendship and mutual admiration. But the talks with their strokes, and the processes, have been everything for me.”



Axel_Void, Bimbo, Bktx, Blando, Cere, Deih, E1000, Ed Zumba, Emilio Cerezo, Fada, Hyuro, Jaz, Johe, Kafre, Kenor, Lolo, Lust, Malakkai, Marta Jiménez, Oscar M Ramos, Pau QJ, Piko, Rhode Montero, Ryuji Sato, Sebas Velasco, Skount, Srger, Txope626, XabiXTRM.