Aristotle argued in his “Politics” that the citizen who does not live within human limits must be “an irrational beast or a god.” However, he did not include a space that explained the boundaries between the beast and god. Probably the conscience of the ephemeral, of being mortal, is the cornerstone where we could mark the limit that made us move from the animal to the human, creating the most obvious barrier between primate and man. It defines the origin of everything.

Thus, Mario Mankey analyzes human behavior that rises from contradictions of contemporary individuals as a result of our hunger for achievement and individual inability to reach it, creating the ultimate clash between the ambition to succeed and the limitations of our own being.

Mario Mankey uses a classic aesthetic game to break it immediately with a stroke that brings fun but also sarcasm. Thus, the works are directed to a different observers but at at the same time seeks to establish a dialogue, not always easy, in which the complicity arises through a speech that moves from formal to popular and postmodern intentions.