Augustine Kofie

MKNZM (Mechanism), at Swinton Gallery, is Augustine Kofie’s first solo show in Spain.

Comprised of the artist’s signature constructivist, graffuturist aesthetic, the show includes collage on wood, painting on canvas, and etched found clipboards. Beginning with a three-month-long process of mechanical drawing, Kofie created a collection of sketches which would become the basis for collage and painting. Stretching the circle which anchors much of his work into an oblong pushed the sketches in a highly technical, mechanical direction (hence the title). The oblongs began operating like belts, linking parts of conceptual machines, evoked in 2D as parallel, fold-out worlds. Combining Spanish ephemera (sent by Swinton) with paper from his deep inventory, Kofie built up a collage series in which individual works explore gradients of a single color, determined and inspired by the found paper. Once the color palette for the show had been established, the paintings followed suit.

Many of the works are intimate, in square format, but the show also includes circular wood panels, part of Kofie’s recent exploration of alternative support shapes.

A soundtrack created for the show by the artist is available on Mixcloud.com/4x4tracktor, and for only the second time in his career, as a physical, limited edition release on C60 cassette.