Who is Mona Lisa?

What is she thinking as she poses?

What was her relationship with the artist and what did she meant for him?

“4MONALISA” is a tribute by Oskar Maria Ramos to that question that is the character of “La Gioconda”, but also the mystery that is anyone who is portrayed by an artist. Even the mystery which, for the artist, is himself.

Oskar Maria Ramos uses pictures from his “Máscaras y Sacrificios” series featuring portraits of friends and loved ones, also present in this exhibition, to try to reinterpret them by painture with bright and pure colors.

With “4MONALISA”, the artist leaves the characteristic abstraction of his painting and approaches to figuration, but without forgetting the action and the unconscious movement that allow to come out from his mind the symbols and emotions in a more accurate way.

Each quadriptych (in separate parts or in a single composition on canvas) is created in one session and emerges from the inner nature of the prints where the artist finds the model. The results are pieces that sometimes come closer to the real image of the portrayed character, and others go further to complete the emotional description of the person; to that mysterious image that is every portrayed person.