SPECTRUM  | Group Show

January 19th 2018 | February 25th 2018 @ Swinton Gallery

In the same way that light can be split up into different wavelengths, this group exhibition titled SPECTRUM breaks down and analyzes the contemporary muralist movement and the studio work of those who carry it out, from the perspective of the curator Jean Claude Geraud (France, 1988).

Muralism is an art discipline that does not limit itself to express lexical and visual elements that we all see and that are obvious, but it also adds a series of conditions (location, moment, social influence, political and cultural events, etc.) that define what the final art piece transmits to the viewer.

Letters, lines, spots or figures that oscillate between the artist’s studio and the street. Styles that after being traced on walls around the world, are transferred to other exhibition media to create a complementary visual experience to the work on the wall and vice versa, works born in the studio that are transferred to the public space to take on a new meaning .

“The perceptions of the spectators, their understanding of what is in front of them, are closely linked to their knowledge and experience of the area, of the individuals, of the cultures and of the subcultures of the areas where the works are executed. How we perceive and understand the social world around us depends on the degree to which we are informed about what we see and experience. ” (M. Billig, 1996).

This way, from the individual idiosyncrasy of each place and the vision of its artists, a melting pot of styles and themes that venture beyond conceptual boundaries -which oscillate from figurative art, surrealism, abstraction or hyperrealism-, is created to achieve new ways of thinking and acting, to reveal at the same time an aesthetic and social practice.





Axel Void ( Spain )

BOND ( Germany ) 

Chazme 718 ( Poland )

Dourone ( Spain ) 

Gleo ( Colombia ) 

Hopare ( France) 

Jo di Bona ( France ) 

Pro176 ( France ) 

Seher ( Mexico ) 

Theo Lopez ( France )


Curator: Jean Claude Geraud (France)


You can Check available art work from this show here.


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