For Swinton Gallery’s MaHunkel room we created an interactive video installation consisting on a video projection controlled by an interface-bike. The viewer must operate the pedals so can see the video piece “GrannyMan Starts Again”. In this video piece a particular “superhero” constructs, from the pieces of his broken bike, a spinning wheel. With this he can transform the smoke and pollution surrounding him in symbolic threads that weave a more sustainable life. Through stopmotion animation, weaving and dance we talk about cycling in the urban context and propose a proactive attitude to the attacks that we can find in life.

This interactive video installation seeks to break the passive attitude of the spectator and invites him to actively participate (pedaling) to watch the video. In addition he/she will have to find the rhythm of pedaling to play the video properly, neither too fast nor too slow. Through this game we want to bring to the gallery a playful experience accompanied with the same intervention tissues that we place in the city (yarn bombings).


Under the name Teje La Araña we have developed a project called Weaving A Change. Because changes are woven while we change while weaving. We find in urban interventions tissues a way to generate an aesthetic-conceptual break and to stimulate group creativity. These interventions are made on street furniture and with a good dose of absurd and they wish to generate a smile or confusion.