Antonio Feliz | MISE EN ABYME

Mise en Abyme is a pictorial analysis of literature fiction and several theories that critics have developed over the past two centuries. The seven parts in the exhibition try to establish a link between literature and pictorial narrative, and at the same time, the observer becomes omniscient narrator of what is represented there.
Mise en Abyme term comes from a stylistic device of postmodern literature in which the first step of the story refers to other steps contained themselves within the first as concentric circles that are lost in the infinity of fiction, unable to distinguish which is the real plane imagined.

Antonio Feliz (Zamora, 1978) is a painter, illustrator and cartoonist who has held several exhibitions since 2004. He began to develop his project of street art PARSEC! from 2006, painting murals and urban interventions both in national and international scenes. He has also worked in the literature world, as a play writer, producing texts for the theater group ONOMATOPOEIA, for different literature magazines and theater and, in 2012, with the publication of an illustrated poetry book “Historia del Campo”.