Pablo S. Herrero | Monomanía (Urdimbre)

The vision of reality through a single graphical component, the tree and its variants, is the connecting thread of this show. Trying to order what is complex may seem to be a chaotic mission, to represent simplicity becomes an apparently ordered texture.

Ink, supported sometimes with photographic transfer, “fumage” or earth colors are the vehicle to show an obsessive fascination with that which grows without human action.

The pictorical language of Pablo S. Herrero is linked to the code of plant forms. His universe show the link between the dynamic and the static, individual and community, emotional interdependence, power and control, sustainability and instability, fragility and strength.

His activity as a muralist, usually at off-center and marginal spaces, take the suburbs as a paradigm of the rejection that the city causes to large parts of itself. On the other hand, focuses his work also in rural areas. He has painted in towns and cities of Spain, Portugal and Italy. He has also painted murals in Havana (Cuba), Sandnes and Stavanger (Norway), Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Winter Haven (USA) and Bratislava (Slovakia).