DINGOPERROMUDO | PSIQUE | 12.05.2017 – 17.06.2017



In every moment of crisis and change, when everything around seems to be collapsing, we have a safe refuge within us, able to restore inside us calm and tranquility, and that allows us to regain confidence and balance.

The connection with that genuine source of peace, often appears when we become observers of ourselves, and that makes us able to, in silence, create the most beautiful thoughts and to experience peace, serenity and inner calm.

“PSIQUE” represents the inner world of Dingo. The place where to go to for reflection and contemplation during those moments when transcendental and introspective themes are treated. These plot pursues knowledge and the meaning of our existence and, therefore, truth.

For Dingo this inner world is a surprising place, full of beauty, dark and, above all, a revealing spot.

Dingoperromudo arrived to the streets using the phenomenon of the “alter ego” in 2008, and since then he has developed that inner world that exists behind the character. A black and white dog with pink ears, which is the most recognizable signature of this artist included in the urban art scene. His character can be found at the streets along with his line of work on “The Parnassus”, a world full of plants, fruits and trees with a metaphorical meaning.