As part of the Free Wee Project, in its most immediate presentation, #GenderFree is a collective exhibition in which 22 artists have been invited to imagine, remake traditional signs and elements that announce public bathrooms. The project aims to remove this differentiation and separation by binary gender  Woman / Man, and the transformation of icons, names or any other distinctive that defines them, in favor of other signals of a neutral nature that promote equality from the diversity of citizenship.

The artists participating, in alphabetical order, are: Pedro Almeida, Amaia Arrazola, Jorge Cuadal, Dos Jotas, Aurora Duque, El Dibujo, Félix Fernández, Olalla Gómez, Roberto López, Alberto Martínez Centenera, Roberta Marrero, Patricia Mateo, Laura Mema, Ruru Mipanochia, Javier Navarro, Andrea Persissinotto, Andrés Senra, Bran Solo, David Trullo, José Antonio Vallejo, Eva Viera and Xuan Villabrille.

We certainly think that art, because of its regenerative potential, has the capacity to make us reconsider preconceived ideas, to approach situations from other points of view and ultimately to transform reality.


– Today the function of public toilets is exclusively the use at the physiological / hygienic level. They are not a meeting place.

– The distinction of baths for men and women attends to outdated gender considerations and aimed at perpetuating heteropatrialcal policies.

– The social reality is more complex and diverse and therefore different organizational measures are required that contemplate society in all its plurality.

– The incorporation of transsexual or intersexual people in a natural way to society is a reality.

– With the current organization, there are crimes of exclusion of people with non-normative / binary gender who are entitled as any other citizen to the use of facilities for public use without being questioned, discriminated or excluded.