Delirium is a strange and surreal tribe of images originated during artist’s experience from childhood to adulthood. A catalog of extinct and poorly dissected specimens as fears, objects and oddities to forge with graphite what is now an inner mythology.

Delirium speaks about the beginning and the end of everything. Walk the changing geography of the face, the texture of the meat, the architecture of mirages and finally conforms a distorted thoughts with a final taste of a badly assembled poem.

Close the eyes of sanity, smell chloroform dreams, and indulge yourself in delirium.


You can check this exhibition work here.



Lázaro Totem

Lázaro Totem lives and works in Madrid, after a period as advertising art director, now he is fully dedicated to realistic illustration with black and red pencil on aged paper. In “Delirium” he shows how his artwork can increase in size, thereby expanding the surrealism of his images.