Olga de Dios characters learn how to overcome their disadvantages in a world dominated by mainstream normativity. They are characters without fear of their fate trying to convey diversity as an enriching element, speaking about values ​​of solidarity and respect for difference.

Under this premise, Olga de Dios proposes an exhibition where you can see original work created from an artistic research in the field of screen printing techniques,flat colors, and automatic evolution from them. This work improve the images included in her last children’s book to expression levels that transcend sensitivity and significance.

But there si more. “Leotolda” -the exhibition- takes to the white room the original illustrated album scheme. In this way, children will take part on the show created inside Swinton Gallery, accompanying the artist`s original work with their drawings.

Thus, “Leotolda”, book and exhibition, invite us to walk freely in our imagination, to reconsider about friendship, lived and shared experiences and the importance of daring to discover where our creativity can take us.