In this exhibition the artist speaks about the person who hides behind the pseudonym. Like many creators included in the urban art scene, there is not much information available about the personal life of Rallitox. Who is him? Where does he come from? Why penises and crosses? Why concepts such as social manipulation or the aim to create a global change through art are so present in his work?

Art works usually are the consequence or result of all that builds the life of those who create them, but all these elements often remain hidden for audience so it is difficult to approach to artist’s work from a broader perspective.

In the same way, artists fear losing the aura of sacredness that is often attached to them and show their miseries as that can humanize them to the point that his work ceases to be special or different.

In INSIGHT RALLITOX, the author reveals some of these unknowns showing his most autobiographical and intimate profile. The relationship with his parents, his children, and especially his conflicts with women and the world of contemporary art are shown through paintings, drawings, performances and videos.