Not long ago, when almost everything was implicitly wild, nature was a fundamental part of the human being. Nature was not a place where we could go every now and then, but our “home”.

With the technological revolution, we entered into a reality in which our environment was reified because of the nihilistic and docile formula of capitalist society, even detaching ourselves from the greater origin where everything belongs.

And so on, technical societies have marked a fiery frontier with the wild, setting a so deep disconnection with nature that made us forget about fundamental elements such as the resilience and interdependence of the human being with its primeval environment.

We live in a society that keeps us disconnected from ourselves, from our sources of vital energy, from our instincts and from the primordial place we share with the animal world. It seems that there is no reminder left in our genes of our animal instincts (the fast turn after hearing a noise, the accelerated heart before the danger, the silence and the stillness when observing).

We understand nature – animals, plants, ecosystems, etc. – exclusively as a material object, provider of resources that we exploit in order to obtain profit.

Problems like climate change puts us ahead of another reality in which human beings are not above nothing, we are not the representative unit of the planet. We look at a precipice that is a point of falling, and only the animal instinct of vertigo could force us to step back and run towards the savage.

To the safe environment.




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