Swinton Gallery is six years old now and that’s the reason why we have asked nine resident artists to invite one another artist to participate in a collective show to celebrate it.

The only condition was that the selected artists had not previously shown his/her individual work at Swinton.

Final line up is:

Andrés Senra @andressenra
Cayetana H. Cuyás @cayetanahcuyas
DosJotas @dosjotas2js
E1000 @e1000__
Frea Buckler @freabuckler
Jacobo Bugarín @jacobo.bugarin
Kaufman @kaufman_oficial
Lolo Camino Sos @lolocaminosos
Mario Mankey @mariomankey
Marta Cotelo @marta_cotelo
Olga De Dios @olgadedios_
Pedro Kouba @pedrokouba
Skount @skount.art
Soledad Córdoba @sol.los
Srger @srger
Sue975 @sue975
Víctor Solana @victor_solana
Wood @wood1one

We wanted to eliminate our will and criteria and offer them to those who only sometimes can decide to show an artist, and the reason is that they probably are special people who value the work of other artists in a special way. A curatorial decision closely linked to their own work, as both art works are shown next to each other at Swinton Gallery.

This process has been very enriching for the gallery. On one hand, these invitations allowed us to show the work of different artists that we already knew and admired, but with whom we had never worked, and on the other, we have been allowed to discover the work of artists who were outside our orbit and whose work we found fascinating.

Each invitation by our artists has been based on their own criteria, that’s why we have also asked them to complement the show with a text that explains the reasons why they selected that certain artist to be exhibited next him or her.

From Swinton, we want this exhibition to allow the greatest number of artists to show their work, and give visibility to those who deserve it and in that way, produce a celebration of art that in the occasion our sixth anniversary.

During these times when social distance is imposed, we believe that it is necessary to strengthen other ties, promote visibility and generate artistic relationships that leave physical relationships on standby to resume them with force when health situation allows us to.

Thanks to Antonia Puyó Gallery @antoniapuyo (Zaragoza), Manuel Ojeda Gallery @galeriadeartemanuelojeda (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and Blanca Berlín @blancaberlingaleria (Madrid) for their collaboration.

Supported by Plataforma PAC @plataforma_pac