TRANSPARAÍSO | ANDRÉS SENRA | 19.11.2021 – 08.01.2022



SOLO SHOW BY  Andrés Senra

19.11.2021 – 08.01.2022

Science and philosophical thought in the 20th century established a fictitious parallel between the genetic code and the binary code 01. Life was information coded in DNA molecules. This way of understanding life as information has been one of the hegemonic paradigms in the epistemology of biology, genetics, computer science and robotics.

In appearance, the neo-baroque garden of Transparaíso is a system of duplication of moving images, a video-photographic laboratory that reproduces the same, the clonic repetition to infinity, the biovideographic replica.

However, Transparaíso proposes to understand life as a result of complex interlocking assemblages of matter and discourse, questioning the idea of ​​repetition and its relationship with the normative. Norm is repetition. Entropy, however, makes sameness impossible, introduces error in the replica of the mold. Spontaneous or induced mutations and recombinations of molecules are the source of diversity.

The transspecies of this speculative fiction remind us that we are the result of assemblages and associations of a multitude of human and non-human beings, eukaryotic and prokaryotic microorganisms, biomes that represent an illusion of unity, an illusion of fixed and permanent identity. The monster, the trans-species hybrid, the genetically modified human, the sexual dissident stands here as a metaphor for diversity, for the impossibility of the binary both in gender and in any taxonomy that establishes dichotomies of separation.

The garden and the inhabitants of Transparaíso advocate the use of genetic engineering as one more tool to hack our body and mind, to think about identities in a fluid way, to question the idea of ​​human, that white cisheterosexual human that places us in the otherness. Life is other thing. We are never one. Transparaíso vindicates that otherness as a physical-psychic conscious exercise, in which somatotechnics can be our allies on this path to a new world of impurities.

Andres Senra

November 2021