DE AQUELLAS HIERBAS, ESTAS FLORES | SRGER | 17.01.2020 – 01.03.2020



Exposición en solitario de SRGER

17.01.2020 – 01.03.2020


In Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III, by Barnett Newman and only in the third of the four pieces of the series, a black vertical line appears ghostly, and exiled from the title of the work, stealthily separates the blue field of the red one. Following the trail that takes us from Mondrian to Newman, his ancestral “dead perfection because it is complete and forever immobilized”, seems to resurrect, acquiring a liquid and vibrant movement. We watch color runaway and the hieratic and segregating black line, drifting in expansive, almost vehement and definitely integrative.

Sol LeWitt, in his proverbial reflections on the artistic fact, argued that “all things” exist in a basic concept of thought. Exploring, investigating and trying to go deeper on these ideas, enhancing their ontological quality, sometimes close to the mystical and avoiding more mundane and / or decorative nuances, would be equivalent to what art could or should be.

From the plurality of probable scenarios, each “seed” conquers certain attributes in the tortuous formalization process, experience violent transits loaded with trial and error to definitely claim its matter. The artist questions why the same formal route works or does not work in a certain medium?, Where do the mechanisms of plastic success or failure of an idea reside?, How far can we force an aesthetic approach, what are its ways of escape?

SRGER abandons the immutable to, through unpredictable sequences, embrace the exploration of new and infinite possibilities and bet, puts in value, those others that will never occur. If there is no more reactionary will than to take things for granted, the artist skillfully plays with our expectations and without practically concessions, forces us to rethink reality. As in a children’s playground, he recovers that long lost feeling that has the magical ability to transform us into freer people, guaranteed individuals to practice suffocation and our every day less used ability to imagine.


Ricardo Recuero


You can download the full text HERE (Only Spanish)

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