Sevilla 1983

With a versatile creative personality, Srger claims his origins to be ingraffiti. His creative abilities cover painting, photography, art installations, video-art and the new forms of mural painting.

In constant evolution and in accordance with his academic education, Srger experiments with abstract painting, which he combines with his graphic design heritage, creating works that, from small size to large format, recreate a dialogue among his different work lines.


Sergio Gómez (Sevilla 1983) is known for his way of understanding urban art as an eminently a “relational” strategy. He concentrates his interest in decontextualizing the object. His proposal goes intensively beyond a simple Dadaism by encouraging a questioning of the city understood as an object, whose attributes will be signified by the relations established with the individual, with the citizen. In its most pictorial aspect, the application of color, but also the incision, the mark, the stroke appear as manifestations of a non-imitative existence in which the autonomy of the form is subject to planning.

The wall is going to be approached from a non-imitative formulation in which color predominates in its expansive surface construction. Without a determined interest in the completion of each piece, the process will be focused on the “where” it can take us, this is the place that the sea, and are the contradictions of the process.

Ricardo Recuero